10 Things Every Mom Should Have In Her Bag

1.   Munchkin Diaper Baggies – There is absolutely nothing worse than having nowhere to dump an unexpected diaper change.  During my walks around Capitol Lake I would have to change my son’s diaper on a whim.  These baggies kept the soiled diaper protected and (strangely) smelling fresh.  I would just pop the diaper in my bag or stroller basket until I found a trash can.

2.  Extra Clothes –  This is seriously a no brainer.  The one time I forgot spare clothes my son had a diaper explosion in a sushi restaurant.  I had to carry him out wearing only a diaper and a blanket.  Bad mom alert.

3.   Wet Ones – I always pick up a pack from Target or my local drugstore when I run low.   I use them to sanitize carts, restaurant tables, high chairs, toys after they drop, etc.  Wet Ones are especially my God send during air travel.  You better believe I wipe the seat, arm rests, both sides of the tray, the wall, and the window.

4.  Pacifier Wipes –  Kids like to play a game called “I’m going to throw everything that goes in my mouth out of my stroller/cart/seat, let it fall on the floor, and expect my mama to give it back or else I’ll scream.”  It’s a fun game, no?  For mothers with kids who put everything in their mouth pacifier wipes are an absolute must.  They are food safe so your child can put whatever they threw overboard back in the mouths after wiping it clean.  I used them on toys, bottles, sippy cups, teethers, you name it!

5.  Snacks – Pack some cheerios for the kids, and an apple or other snack for you.  No one wants a grumpy, hungry mom or baby.  While you’re at it pack a bottle of water and an extra sippy cup/bottle in case you forgot your pacifier wipes.

6.  Favorite (Portable) Toy – For my two year old it is his Thomas train or McQueen car.  When he was one, his companion was a turtle.  I assure you running errands will go much smoother.

7.  Diapers and Wipes – I know, I know it’s another “no-brainer”.  Stash some extras in your car too!

8.  Boogie Wipes – I get it.  These wipes look gimmicky.  Up until my son was around 20 months he wouldn’t let a tissue touch his nose.  Boogie Wipes were the only way I could wipe the snot off of his nose.  If your child lets you wipe his nose with a plain old tissue than more power to you.  Tissues were too rough for my baby’s delicate nose.  I think the Boogie Wipes were even soothing his sore nose.  They also have saline in them to help clear your baby’s nasal passages.

9.  iPad or Smartphone – No, I do not mean just for the child.  Of course buy it for yourself, then share it with your child.  My iPad has been his coloring book, his library, flash cards, and media center.  I have a few movies and television shows saved for long car rides and marathon errand runs.  There are so many wonderful apps for children of all ages.  I use my iPad to read my magazines, books, check in on social media, and as my “mommy moment.”  If an iPad is out of your price range, there are also some great apps on smartphones for kids.  I’ll make sure to post my favorite iPad apps for kids in a future post!

10.  Camera – Kids are always doing adorable things.  They also grow TOO fast.  Make sure to always have a camera on hand to capture all those kodak moments.  Remember: your kids will never be younger than they are now, so make sure to document their life along the way.

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  • Smartphone is definitely a must. I wouldn’t be able to get though my grocery shopping/couponing excursions with out it for Landon!

  • Right?! It is a life saver!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!