30 Second Thursdays: Most Annoying Things

Time to link up for 30 Second Thursdays!  I love vlog link ups because we get to see and hear fellow bloggers.  This week’s theme is: 3 most annoying things.  What are yours?

30 Second Thursdays

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  1. The shower curtain thing was big deal with my parents… like get grounded over it big. Haha.

  2. The shower curtain, yes! I hate it too – mildew can grow and just ick!

    Mine are gum smacking, runny noses and no eye contact.

  3. haha I talked about bad drivers too!! and the shower curtain, it’s opposite for us 😉 haha I always forget!

  4. bad drivers are so annoying! and i totally agree with you on the shower curtain!

  5. Have you been around Minnesota drivers? In some areas, “Minnesota Nice” does NOT apply. I hear ya.

  6. Driving seems to be a big one …. LOVED your vlog and you SO do not sound like a dude lol.. we are our own worst critics lol … 😀 ICK on the shower curtain thing! LOL i totally forgot stuff like that LOL

  7. ughhh I HATE BAD DRIVERS! I will probalby have the highest of blood pressures by the time I am 40 dealing with these losers for another 20 years.
    ohhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy gosh!

  8. Haha! I hate when my boyfriend leaves the shower curtain open also!

  9. Ryan makes me so mad with the shower curtain!!!

  10. B NEVER closes the shower curtain! I HATE that hahaha. He also never dries his feet so my bath mats are always cold and wet when I get out of the shower. Grrr.

  11. I hate the shower curtain being left open too!!! And girl, have you ever driven in NJ?! I thought Mass drivers were bad… and then I moved here!

  12. Omg that shower curtain thing gets me all the time!!!

    Check out my vlog too!
    Think Happy Thought

  13. Great post! I don’t know if I would vlog it, but it makes me want to do a post of my pet peeves! :)

    MA Drivers are pretty bad. We are horrible! I swear people lose all sense of civility the second they get behind the wheel. Boston particularly is the land of rotaries (traffic circles, roundabouts) and so many people don’t quite seem how to use them correctly causes even more traffic!

    And I agree on the term “swag.” I saw a picture somewhere online that said “Swag is for boys, Class is for men.”


  14. Awesome video :) Swag is SO annoying.
    Have you been to NJ? They have the absolute worst drivers ever.
    Actually I’m convinced that no one knows how to drive anymore. No one uses turn signals, everyone makes wide turns (big pet peeve of mine), UGH! I have the worst road rage!

    Stopping by late from 3Jan GYB Blog Hop

  15. ugh I HATE IT when jake doesn’t shut the shower curtain. so annoying.

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