Hi!  I’m Andrea Bai, the creator of Glam Hungry Mom.
Why Glam Hungry Mom?
The title describes me to a tee.
pic monkey
I’m obsessed with beauty and fashion.  I have always had a love for makeup and went to college for fashion marketing.  Mixing highs and lows is exciting to me.  Although, after becoming a mother my clothing budget has shrunk.  I can’t justify spending as much as I did on one article of clothing when I could be spoiling my little coconuts or taking them on an adventure.  Becoming a mother has brought new challenges in fashion for me.  Wearing high heels and dresses everyday doesn’t make sense anymore.  Especially when I have a toddler that can out run me if I wear heels.  However, it’s become more exciting, well thought out, and functional without losing my sense of style.  Make up is an art form to me and I recently started a youtube channel after requests from friends and readers.
I’m a foodie at heart.  I like to live an 80/20 diet, but don’t like obsess about it.  I have never been one of those people who can be full after a salad, or think sugar-free tastes the same (yuck), or view food as fuel.  Trust me..I’ve tried.  Food is more than fuel to me.  Food is art, therapy, joy, and comfort.  I like to experiment making my favorite guilty pleasures light, healthy, and most importantly delicious.

First and foremost I am a mother.  My coconuts are my number one priority and I will do anything for them.  My children’s happiness is the only thing that truly matters to me in this world.  I love sharing our life with my husband, my favorite mommy tips, and aspects of being a modern mom and football wife.  

about with hubby

Glam Hungry Mom couldn’t exist without the support of my hubs.  He is a college football coach, and the reason this Pacific Northwester moved to the Boston area and then to Cali.  A lot of people ask how we met.  My husband and I were each other’s high school crushes, but we didn’t start dating until college.  I thought he was the senior football player trying to bag the youngest, newest cheerleader.  Cliche.  I wouldn’t give him a chance to hang out with me until after he left for college.  Even though there was chemistry we stayed friends for four years.  It wasn’t until we thought “what if?” did we decide to give it a try.  Fast forward a few years later – we had our coconuts, got married, and the rest is history.
 Welcome to my world!