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When Living in Yellow said she was doing a blog crush link up I knew I had to get involved!  Obviously Erin is one of my blog crushes, but that’s a given.  Her posts are definitely apart of my daily reads.

It was so hard to narrow down my favorites.  There are so many great blogs and even if you weren’t mentioned it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog!  Get ready to learn some of my favorite bloggers 🙂


Ashlee is one of my greatest bloggy friends because look at her.  She’s a blonde bombshell and I got a thing for blondes.  Kidding but seriously she is drop dead.  She is a mommy to the most adorable son and hot wife to her hubs.  In short, she has one good looking fam.  Ashlee posts delicious skinny recipes for all of us who don’t want to sacrifice flavor when eating healthy.  She also makes great drinks like Skinny Lemon Cake Shooters and Harvest Apple Martini.  This girl even has a great sense of humor which makes her the total package.  Her hubs thinks I’m going to catfish her, and I told her to tell him to watch out!  I’m gonna take your girl!  We talked on the phone last week and our personalities were exactly the same.  We both like to talk, we both have sarcastic/dirty humor, and we clicked like we knew each other forever.

Jessica Who?
If you haven’t checked out Jessica’s blog I would be surprised.  Jessica lives in beautiful Hawai’i with her hubby and dog, Duke.  To say I’m jealous would be an understatement.  Her beautiful pictures of the islands make me green with envy..but in a good way.  She is beyond gorgeous, has great style, the coolest giveaways, and is hilarious.  Her sarcasm is right up my alley.  I love a girl with wit.  I’m a huge fan of her blog and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend.  Our text convos seriously make my day.  I love how I can just be myself with her!  Next time I go to the islands I’m hitting her up.

Positively Amy

You might know Amy as the writer behind Not Your Average Baby Blog.  She recently changed her name to Positively Amy since her little man isn’t a exactly baby anymore.  Amy is a beautiful mama, loving wife, makeup artist, and organic living enthusiast.  She isn’t afraid to keep it real as a mom and never fails to make me laugh with her stories.  She also posts the best mommy and baby wants and needs a girl could want.  I’m hoping to meet her this Monday, and I sure hope it works out!

Glossy Blonde
Niki is probably one of the sweetest gals and she has a great sense of style.  She is a fellow beauty lover and I always look forward to her favorites.  She recently started at YouTube channel and I am so excited to “see her.”  I’m looking forward to see if any of our favorites in our videos are the same.  Niki is a fur mama and a beautiful wife who is moving back to Boston.  Yay!  I think that means I might get the chance to meet her.

Travel Babbles
Kym keeps it real and I love her for it.  She’s gorgeous, lives in Europe (jealous), and is a great writer.  I always look forward to her posts!  She lives the life of a sports (player not coach) wife but I can totally relate to her lifestyle.  Her thoughts on blogging made me fall even more in love with her.  She doesn’t sugar coat anything.  She’s made me want to try new beauty routines, has easy-to-follow recipes, and glimpses into her everyday life in Germany.  I simply adore her!

These are some of my favorite blogs.  It was SO hard to narrow it down.  I have such a great respect for bloggers.  Being able to put your heart and lives out there is huge and I am so happy you share it with all of us.

Who are your favorite blogs?!


Have you met the gorgeous Lauren yet?

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  • I love discovering new blogs and the ones you mentioned are all so great! Thank you for introducing me to some new blogs x

  • I love Niki and enjoy Jessica’s blog as well- checking out the others now!

  • I love all of your picks! And love checking in on you too!!

  • Oh mt gosh you’re the sweetest!!!!! TOTALLY ON FOR MONDAY!!! Oh, and did you get inside my brain and pick all of my favorites as well (you’d obviously be on mine!) Thought I should mention that Carter watches at least one of your youtube videos a day. I’m subscribed to your channel (obvs) and he goes in and clicks on it all the time from my phone! bahaha he must be attracted to your pretty face ; )

  • Thank you!! Flattered and blushing!!!!! Can’t wait for our Blate! xoxo

  • Thanks so much my sweet sweet friend. I love you MILF so glad the feeling is mutual! Great picks all together!

  • I love all these girls and YOU! Thank you so much for your sweet words! I definitely hope to meet up with you sometime! xoxo

  • I love all these blogs!! I had never read Positively Amy. Happy to have a new read! : )