Disneyland VIP Tour + $500 Giveaway

Getting the VIP treatment at Disney was the most amazing experience we have had as a family.  We went to Disneyland on Christmas and the park was at capacity.  Waiting in line for rides during these times can be a bit much, but with a Disneyland VIP tour you don’t need to worry about that.  Our VIP Tour made us fall even more in love with Disney.

So what is a VIP Tour?  

It’s kind of like a fast pass but even better.  There is a misconception that you don’t have to wait in line.  Okay okay, it is true at many rides.  The best way to describe it is like having an unlimited fast pass.  For example, for the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land we waited in the fast pass line.  While we didn’t need to physically get a fast pass we did have to wait in the (short) fast pass line.  It was only 10 minutes compared to the nearly two hour wait.  With VIP you can ride any ride as many times as your heart desires.  

I repeat..AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!  That’s like Disneyland heaven!  

You have a personal guide to help give you the most magical Disneyland experience.  Our tour guide, Savannah, was the sweetest girl.  She made sure my boys, especially Damian, had the best experience.  Our VIP tour was a birthday present for Damian and Savannah made sure he had the best day.  She asked him who his favorite characters were, what rides he wanted to go on, and provided lots of fun facts about the park. 

Your VIP tour guide is your personal Disneyland encyclopedia.  They know the quickest routes to each destination, can recommend and book the best lunch and dinner spots, and make sure you get to see the characters you want to see.  

Damian really wanted to meet Buzz Lightyear and Mickey.  The line for Mickey was insanely long, but we were able to cut through a passage and meet Mickey in practically an instant.

Pax’s face when he saw Mickey was the cutest.

We were able to do 3 days worth of Disneyland in one day with our VIP tour!  

We were able to go on every ride we wanted.  Our other two non-VIP days at Disney were super relaxed since we didn’t feel rushed to get everything done.

A big perk of the VIP tour is having reserved seats for the fireworks, World of Color, and parades!  That means so searching to find a spot for all the best shows.  You have the best seats in the park!

The tour itself is at least 6 hours and you can build from there.  So how much does it cost?  That depends.  It can run around $500 per hour (with a six hour minimum).  However, our tour was gifted from a 33 Club member, Team Lally.  Thank you Uncle Jim!

Have you ever experienced a VIP Tour at Disneyland or Walt Disney World?


I’m teaming up with a fun group of Disney loving bloggers to give one of YOU a $500 Disney Dollars gift card.  This can be used at any of the parks OR any Disney Store.  Be sure to check out each of their blogs for more Disney magic!

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Pismo Beach Road Trip With The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

This post is in collaboration with Mitsubishi and Drive Shop.  All opinions are honest and my own.


A few weeks ago we traveled to Pismo Beach as a family.  I had the opportunity to test drive the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander on our road trip.  This was my first vehicle to test drive and it was so much fun.  

When it comes to reviewing cars I’m writing from a mom’s perspective.  I know when I research cars I want to learn more about the functionality of the car rather than the stats.  Don’t get me wrong I want to know about gas mileage, but I also want to know how well car seats fit, cupholders, electronic plug-ins, and more practical information.


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Traveling With Kids

This post is brought to you by Luggage Online and The Motherhood.  All opinions are my own.


I’m a huge wanderlust.  I love to travel and that didn’t stop after having my coconuts.  We travel mostly to see family now that we live away from them.   Luckily, those travels have taken us from coast-to-coast, up and down the west and east coast, Disneyland, cruising to Alaska, and beach bumming in Hawaii.  We have travelled in car, ship, and plane.  The only thing we haven’t done is travel by train!  Trust that we have it written on our bucket list.  All these different experiences have really helped us travel like kid toting professionals, and now I’m sharing some of my best tips with you.


Even if you have a potty trained toddler, bring extra clothes.  We drove cross country when Damian was three years old, and he started yelling he had to go potty.  Well, we were in the middle-of-nowhere on top of the Rocky Mountains when this happened.  There wasn’t another rest stop or gas station for what seemed like an eternity.  It was freezing cold, windy, and all around miserable!  We had to pull off the side of the interstate to let him do his business on the side of the road.  The experience must have been traumatizing because my son who never had an accident decided to pee in his car seat instead of risking having to go on the side of the road again.  Traveling and new experiences can change up even a potty trained toddler’s routine and comfort zone.  Know these things can happen and be prepared with an extra pair of clothing.


Surprise them with new toys/books/art supplies.  I love to stop at the dollar section of my favorite store with the bullseye.  The playpacks with coloring books, crayons, and stickers are always a hit.  I also like to grab little trains or cars, the mess-free markers that only work on special paper, and new books to read.  My oldest loves Brain Quest to keep him entertained.


When all else fails, bring out the iPad.  There have been multiple 12 hour car rides where we haven’t had to bring the iPad out.  While those moments are glorious, they are not consistent.  I also bring a fully charged iPad filled with puzzles, books, games, and of course movies.


If you have to bring a stroller, try to bring an umbrella stroller.  As much as I love my daily stroller it is a lot harder to lug around.  The constant one-handed opening and closing of the stroller through security, boarding, and baggage check is made so much easier with an umbrella stroller.  I also love that I can easily carry it over my shoulder using the strap while holding my toddler on the other hip.  It also takes up a lot less space in a car or cruise ship cabin.


Snacks, snacks, snacks.  Did I mention snacks?!  Seriously, mamas.  Bring your kiddos favorite snacks.  A full belly means no hangry meltdowns.  When my kids get hangry, they get hangry.  In case you didn’t know, hangry = hungry + angry.  You know exactly what I mean!  I pack their favorite bars, dried fruit without added sugar, crackers, and whatever the heck they want at the grocery store.  Traveling means lots of “special food” is enjoyed.

Bring a camera.  Whether you use a DSLR or your smartphone, don’t forget to capture every precious memory.  Pack a power bank while you’re at it to keep your devices fully charged.


Try to consolidate to one solid piece of luggage.  When traveling with young children having less to carry is key – especially with a toddler.  My elementary aged son will stay by my side, but my strong-willed toddler is another story.  He loves to explore his world around him.  Not dragging multiple suitcases is key for those moments he wants to be “independant.”



The best piece of luggage that I own is the Samsonite Lift2 Hardside Spinner.  It’s large, roomy, durable, and feather light.  Yes, featherlight!  Packing so much less stressful because my suitcase doesn’t weigh a ton before anything is even in it.  The spinner wheels make pushing a breeze for myself or my kids when they want to help mommy.  


I got my Samsonite Hardside Spinner from Luggage Online, a leader for all luggage and travel accessory needs.  Luggage Online has the knowledge and experience to help any family get ready for their upcoming travel plans.  They have a large variety of brands and products to help you get what you need at the right price.  Luggage Online even has a 110% low-Price Guarantee.  If a customer finds their luggage at a lower price online, they may contact customer service within 30 days of purchase for a refund of 110% of the difference.  Oh, and there is FREE ground shipping on all orders over $99.  


Luggage Online has a diverse and knowledgeable team to help achieve total customer satisfaction.  

Think past luggage when it comes to Luggage Online.  They have baby bags and accessories, backpacks, sport duffels, wallets, and more.  Everything you need to travel can be found at Luggage Online.


Be sure to follow Luggage Online’s family travel blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Comment below  your traveling with kids tips?


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