Cloth Diapering: BumbleButts Guest Post

A few people may know that I went to school for fashion straight out of high school.  Life had other plans for me as well as friend I made while studying.  Sara just started a cloth diapering line that I know all the new mamas will love!  After you’re done reading her post, please check out this sweetheart’s etsy  shop!  Looking for a baby shower gift?  Perfect!  I’ll let Sara tell you a little bit about her passion…

If anyone had told me while I was in college that my passion would one day be cloth diapers, I would not have believed it. I was a typical fashion design student, dreaming of New York City and breaking in to the fashion industry.  I loved sewing and designing, and I was going to be famous.

Well, as it so often happens, life had other plans. College graduation brought a return to my small home town, a less than fabulous waitressing career and my high school love. Oh, the glamour. I worked hard, sewed little and fell helplessly in love. 

It’s safe to say that having a child changes your life, and I was certainly no exception to the rule. Expecting my first child, I dove head first in to researching anything and everything baby. My son would have only the best. I always knew I would cloth diaper, having grown up using cotton pre-folds on my dolls. What I didn’t know was how much cloth diapering had changed since the days of diaper pins and plastic pants. 

Pocket diapers, all-in-ones, hybrids, all-in-twos, diaper covers, fitted diapers, pre-folds, my goodness, I was overwhelmed. After much deliberation, and review-reading on Amazon, I chose the style of pocket diapers. Pocket diapers have a waterproof shell with a stay-dry fabric liner, forming a pocket. Each diaper is stuffed with an absorbent insert. It sounded great. But when baby was born, diapering was not quite what I expected and learning how to be a mommy took priority.

I didn’t fully commit to cloth diapering until baby was four months old. I’ll admit, it’s hard,. You have to be dedicated and I got a bunch of disposables at my shower. However, once I started, I was hooked! No more buying diapers! No more excess trash. Cloth diapering is actually a lot more simple than it sounds. All you need is a diaper sprayer, trash can and diaper pail liner. Simply spray the diaper clean and toss it in the pail. Every two days, dump the pail, liner and all, in the washing machine. Easy peasy.

So began my addiction to cloth diapering. And my love for sewing and designing reappeared with a new found confidence. I began sewing my own pocket diapers. I make cloth diapers for moms like me; on the go, economical, environmentally conscious, and still fashionable (at least I like to think so). My cloth diaper company, BumbleButts, is the direct result of love for design paired with the joy of motherhood, sewn together with passion and purpose. 

Check out my designs, cloth diapering tips and my blog at and visit my etsy shop, Huge thanks to Andrea for featuring me on Glam Hungry Mom, I’m honored! 


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