December Favorites

It’s that time of the month again.  And no I don’t mean Flo has come to town.  It’s time for my December Favorites!  I mixed it up with some beauty, foodie, and household goodies.  Variety is the spice of life!  Or some ish like that.
Before I get into the video and items yes that picture is badly photoshopped.  Hey, at least I own it.  My eyes are irritated and I had to whiten the crap out of them.  I need to stop falling asleep with my contacts on.  major fail.  My eyes look like their glowing.  I don’t care though because it looks better than pink eye.  And no, I do not have pink eye.  I don’t think.  Ew.  My body hates me.  At least that’s what I tell myself now that I got fat and fluffy after the holidays.

Products Mentioned:

What are your favorites this month?!
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  • Ashley

    Love all of your Goodies and getting to see your little Coconut!

  • Wifessionals

    LOVE it! I bought a MayBook for my 2013 planner. I am obsessed with it!

  • morgan at

    thanks so much! these were super helpful and i love watching your videos, you have a such a great spirit :) happy new year!!

  • Jenny

    Just found your blog today! So cute!

    Ok: this piece of info might change your life (like it did mine).

    Lotion and lip gloss companies came out with this yucky way to get you addicted to their products:

    ANY lotion or lipgloss that contains petroleum products (including the Neutrogena lotion), when applied to your skin, shuts down your skin’s moisture production. Petroleum is basically liquid plastic. The petroleum chemicals tells your skin “Skin, I have this under control, so you can go ahead and stop producing moisture”. This means that you literally become addicted to the product. If you don’t use it often enough, your skin gets that “crocodile” feel that you talked about in your video. It takes about a week of not using these products to get your skin to start producing it’s own moisture again.

    Some companies that don’t use petroleum are Burt’s Bee’s and Jason. I swear this will change your life and your skin won’t be so dry in the winter! :)