Fashionable DSLR Camera Bag

I recently bought a Canon DSLR, and I’m in love with it.  What I am not in love with is how ugly camera bags are.  I’ve been wrapping my camera in my son’s extra clothes and diapers and throwing it in my diaper bag.  I know I know…I really shouldn’t treat my belongings like that.  It is not the safest way to carry my camera that captures my son’s perfectly precious moments.

I recently stumbled up the Libby Bag by Kelly Moore and instantly swooned.  This stylish bag is perfect for moms or any woman who wants a roomy bag.  I even think it would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have a DSLR, but wants to be organized.  The compartments are just what every woman needs.  The Libby is a little bit of a splurge at $249, but I look at it like an investment.  I will have my Canon for years and I need a bag to store it safely during that time.  There is also plenty of space for an iPad, laptop, water bottles, snacks, wallet, your phone, etc.  The shoulder strap is perf for those days you need to be hands-free.  What’s not to love?  Ladies, if you can afford this bag I highly suggest you treat yourself! I know I’m saving up for one.

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