First Day of Preschool Sign

First Day of Preschool Sign

Is it really time for preschool?  Already?!  When did my sweet baby turn into a school boy?!  

I am officially a soccer mom and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Watching my kids grow up is bittersweet.  I have loved watching Damian grow into his a young boy with a charming personality.

Sending my coconut of to school brings so many emotions.  Before I know it he will be solving quadratic equations and applying for colleges.  

Time is the one thing we can not control.  Time will always continue to go on.  All I can do is make sure I cherish every moment I can with my children.  All I can do is play trains every time he asks, always kiss him goodnight, never fail to say “I love you”, and make him laugh until he gets the hiccups.  I pray he never gets sick of our Mommy/Damian dates.  I hope it’s something we can enjoy together for a long time to come.  I hope he always looks forward to spending quality time with his Mom.  Yup, I’m going to cry.

What do you think of the little “First Day of Preschool” sign/print I made for Damian?!  I know his first day of school isn’t for a while, but back-to-school fever is in the air.  I took a lot of inspiration from what I have seen on Pinterest and created it into a customized print for my coconut.  I actually used a majority of the layout from a freebie printable I found but the website was unsafe.  I wasn’t able to actually grab the printable so I just made one from scratch.  Not too bad, right?!

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  • That print is adorable and your coconut is getting so big!

    • Andrea McCann

      Thanks girl! Isn’t he though?! Too fast!