Flawless Face

I’ve been a little M.I.A in the Youtuberverse.  Yes, I did just make up a word.  I have filmed this video four times.  All but this one were failures.  The first time I was out of focus, then my lighting sucked, and during my third attempt my battery died.  I think I finally found a little spot in my bedroom where I get some natural light.  I don’t have any fancy lights, and dammit a girl has to work with what she has.  I’m pretty sure this applies to everything in a woman’s world.  At least it does in mine.
I get questions on how I do my face makeup so I decided to make a lil’ tutorial.  This is not what I use everyday.  Only for special occasions, but I decided to go all out for the purpose of the video.  I’m thinking of making an everyday makeup look.  What do you think?
FYI: I forgot to mention this in the video, but make sure you you bring your foundation down into your neck to help blend everything!

Products used:


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  • This is AWESOME!!! I’m about to go get myself some new makeup!! 🙂

  • I do love your flawless skin. look simple but very pretty

  • I absolutely hate wearing makeup, but you make it look so easy to apply! Your influence is rubbing off on me and I might have to put my face on 🙂 xoxo Ash

  • Thank you! I’m new to wearing makeup and I’m looking for easy tutorials and instructions on how to acheive that flawless look, Awesome Job! You’re making me want to just play in the mirror right now to get my techniques down!

  • You do an incredible job with your makeup! Your skin looks perfect. I love that you use e.l.f. brushes too… I’ve always thought that there was no need for the super-expensive ones when the e.l.f. brushes get the job done just as well! 🙂


  • Soooo pretty, thanks for sharing…AND thanks for sharing all of the products too! 🙂

  • Great video! I love makeup but I am the first to admit I need to learn more! I want the airbush brush that you use!

  • Hi! I found you on the blog hop and was kinda maybe hopin’ that you’d pop on by and follow me back!


  • Stunning!