Keep it Simple

How delish does that picture look?  I like to make a batch of quinoa to have in the house during the week.  I have found it helps with the “what’s for dinner” dilemma.  I prefer to cook my quinoa in chicken broth rather than water.  The ending product is more flavorful in my opinion.

The recipe to make the dish in the picture is so simple…it’s a trio!  What’s a trio, you ask?  It is a recipe that only requires three ingredients.  Fab.  I place chopped fresh tomatoes on top of my quinoa, and leave space in the center to add a dollop of pesto.  Yum. 

For the main dish I kept my salmon simple.  I cooked it on the stovetop with salt, pepper, and paprika.  Can you tell I love salmon?  I seem to blog about it a lot.  A side of steamed broccoli, or “trees” as my son lovingly calls it, was a great addition to the meal.

The best part of it all?  My son inhaled his food…after he was done devouring his weight in broccoli.  Eating clean can be simple and speedy.  Did you guys eat anything delicious this weekend?  XOXO


  • the Martha from Malta diary

    Yep it seems like you really like salmon hehe :) I was a mini bride myself with the veil and everything hehe, in Malta we celebrate these things in a very loud mediterranean way :)