Mom Must Have: JJ Cole BundleMe

JJ Cole BundleMe Mom Must Have

Calling all moms!  Tired of your baby’s blanket always falling off the car seat or stroller?  I’ve been there.  I think we’ve all been there.  When I discovered the JJ Cole BundleMe with my first coconut it was a life saver.

We were living in freezing cold Boston dealing with Blizzards and Nor’Easters.  The fall would be especially cold, but I would still want to go on walks with my son.  Enter the JJ Cole BundleMe.  At the time, we used the toddler size which fit perfectly in my stroller.  I was truly jealous of my toddler because he looked so comfy.

JJ Cole BundleMe Mom Must Have

Now that we live in Sunny California we haven’t had to deal with the snow.  We like to get out a lot of the house, but when it’s in the 40s and 50s it can be discouraging.  With children, we always want them snug as a bug whenever there is the slightest chill in the air.  Sometimes I leave the top unzipped during the day, and zip up the BundleMe when it starts to get cold.

JJ Cole BundleMe Soft Cozy Lining.jpg

The BundleMe is so easy to install.  You simply slide the strap behind the seat and velcro the straps.  Some days I need it and some days I don’t.  It’s never a drag to put on or take off.

JJ Cole BundleMe Mom Must Have

It’s no secret I love JJ Cole.  The Caprice Diaper Bag is my go-to bag!  All of their products are well-made, durable, fashionable, and functional for the modern mom.

Disclaimer: I was given an infant JJ Cole BundleMe in exchange for a review.  I have owned and loved my toddler JJ Cole BundleMe for four years.  As always, this post reflects my honest opinion.

  • Me and Baby E

    I LOVE these for runs in the park. We live in CT for now, off to VA in June (military) but these are priceless if you want to leave the house in the winter and live in the north! Great review