Q&A Vlog

Time for my first Q&A Vlog.  I’ll be making these here and there in the future as the questions come.  I sent out a tweet and a facebook post asking you guys if you had any questions for me.  If you have any more questions for me please let me know!

Want to learn my biggest beauty secrets?  What ethnicity I am?  Why I started blogging?  How I balance it all?  Find out the answers to these and other questions in the video.


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  • When you pulled out the Facial Razor, I finally realized you were my long lost sister!I may not be a Makeup Guru like you lady, but I know a few tricks to stay pretty. My Mom is American Indian and my Dad is German, so we are a hairy bunch. I’ve been using razors to do my brows and to remove unwanted facial hair for over 10 years….Amazing! And just like you guys, my husband and I have never had an official Honeymoon. I love your vlogs and can’t wait to see more…MUAH!!!

  • I LOVED this, this is great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I want to know more about the razor and shaving your face! I’d love to see another video with info about that. I think that’s really cool! I hear it’s really exfoliating.

  • Loved this!! I shave my upper lip even though theres not really any hair there. Shaving is super exfoliating and I want to keep upper lip wrinkles away! 🙂

  • Ana R.

    I’d love to know more about that razor, I usually use the Sally Hansen facial hair remover and it really irritates and dries out my skin-not a pretty sight when your uppser lip area has red patches :/

  • Love your vlog! Would love to know more about this razor!! Do tell. . .

  • Wow, so somehow I follow you on IG and wasn’t a follower of your blog? Crazy. Anyway, LOVED this Vlog and I’d also like to join the club and ask for more info about the face razor!!

  • Ramneek Waraich

    I’ve been shaving my face for years and I love it. Hair does not grow back thicker. It grows back exactly how it was before you took it off. It’s great for exfoliating and your makeup application is flawless. In Canada I get tinkle brand from tinkleyourface.com