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Did I Just Say Balls To The Wall?

I know I just posted about my brunette ombre, but I had to go lighter.  Why not?  It’s summer time, and I had the urge to go balls to the wall.

I am loving the new lighter do!  I am also loving that no chemicals came near my scalp.  It’s always better to play it safe than sorry when pregnant.  Except with steak.  No one likes a well done steak..unless you like shoe leather.  Then, we can’t be friends.  That’s just weird, and I know weird.

Exhibit A:

Ain’t I a beaut?  I can’t be the only one who has too much fun making faces during FaceTime. The husband really captured my good side.

Don’t mind the fact that I’m wearing my Diane von Furstenberg top again.  I only packed a handful of shirts, and I just so happened to rock that one again.  Fashion faux…who cares?  I’m pregnant!

I’ll be using that excuse for the next twenty weeks.  Be prepared.

A lot of you have been asking about what I’ve been rocking for my red lips.  It is the NARS velvet lip pencil in Cruella a.k.a. my newest obsession.  I’ve had a few questions on my eyes so I’m thinking a tutorial when I get home next month 🙂

Speaking of going home next month, I have been itching to create recipes again.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me.  Specific food, dessert, smoothie, entree, you name it!  I’ve been jotting down a bunch of ideas and drafted some recipes that pop in my head throughout the day.  Fingers crossed I made something good!

How was your weekend?!  I spent it catching up with friends and going to Monsters University with the coconut and my brother-in-law.  If you’re thinking of going to see Monster’s University…go!  I’ve now added it to my favorite movies list.

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Friday Favorites: Mother’s Day Gifts – Simple & Pure

I have to share with you guys one of my latest obsessions.  If you’ve read my blog since the beginning you probably noticed my Friday Favorites posts have taken a back seat to my monthly favorites videos (which will resume this weekend).  Well, I’m bringing it back!  I am a huge supporter of small businesses, and when Simple & Pure emailed me I wanted to try their handmade products immediately!  Scents like Cupcakes + Ice Cream and Tropical Cupcake seduced me and I’m never turning back.

Most of you know how much I love cake and anything vanilla scented.  No matter what handbag I carry I always make sure my Cupcakes + Ice Cream lotion is with me.  The scent makes me wish I could eat my arm off…but in a good way.  Now, that the weather is heating up I love to lather on my Tropical Cupcake lotion after washing with the matching scrub.  The tropical fruits mixed with the buttercream frosted cake scent is the perfect summer combo for me.  The lotions are extremely hydrating because they are made with ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe, and silk.  Silk!  Talk about smooth.

Don’t get me started on the bubble bath salts!  As a stay at home mom I don’t get as much “me time” as I did when I was a working mother.  Okay, so driving home or taking a shopping trip alone might not be “me time” to some of you but it was to me.  I don’t like being away from my son so taking a nice bath helps me rewind, sit, and let my mind wander..kid-free.  The scents of the salts are pure heaven.  I never want to leave my bath!

Are you a fan of soap bars?  There are so many delicious scents perfect for your bathroom.  Don’t worry about them drying you out because they are made with coconut oil to keep your skin naturally hydrated and nourished.

My husband hates when I wear perfume, but loves when I wear these cupcake scents.  Luckily, they are my favorites too.  Not a fan of cupcake scents like I am?  No worries!  Simple & Pure carries a range of scents including: Fresh Cucumber, Coconut Lavender,  I Fell In <3 With The Sea, Berry Love Letters, Orange Cream Float, and more!  I know you will find a scent you adore.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift?  Why not give her the gift of beautiful, delicious, and healthy skin?!  It’s a great mother’s day present!

Disclaimer: Simple & Pure gifted the items to me, however all opinions are 100% my own.


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