TOMS Ballet Flats


TOMS ballet flats are finally here! I know most of you ladies are already obsessed with the originals.  I personally love them.  Although I have to admit, I always wished a ballet flat was created for a more feminine look.  The ballet flats are cute with a TOMS twist.  They are a little more expensive than the classics with prices ranging from $74 for linen to $84 for leather.  Still pretty darn affordable if you ask me!

What I admire about the company, as many of you already know, is for every shoe purchased by TOMS a pair of shoes is given to those in need.  Socially responsible and fashionable?  That is a company I can stand behind.

So go out, buy yourself a cute pair of TOMS, and actually feel good about it!  No buyer’s remorse with these babies!

Are you going to be purchasing a pair of TOMS ballet flats?  Or do you prefer the original TOMS?

  • rachel


    I have not owned a pair of Toms. Many of my friends love them but some say that they were disappointed with quality and integrity of the sole and that the sole deteriorated too quick for the cost of the shoe. However, I do understand that Toms also donates a fraction of the sales cost to non-profits.

    I, also, don’t wear flats. I know it sound crazy but I have a flat foot (nearly non-existent arch) and so wearing flats can be incredibly uncomfortable for me.

    Have you seen the wedge-style Toms? Do you think they are cute, comfortable or strange?


  • AndreaBai

    I never knew you don’t wear flats! I saw the wedge-style Toms, but I haven’t tried them on. On display they look strange to me with the styling of the open-toe. I think I would have to see them on. Maybe they’re cute on?

    I have a normal to high arch so I love flats with support. Plus, after having a baby it has almost become a necessity to chase him around.

    Love your blog!