Who Says All Kids Want Are Hot Dogs and Chicken Nuggets?!

Last week, at my son’s daycare, I was told that he is the only kid who brings healthy lunches to school.  I was floored.  I asked what the other kids ate and you know what I was told?  Damian’s classmates eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pizza.  Everyday. My husband and I live in a pretty affluent area so we are by far the youngest parents in the entire school.  Stereotypically we would be the ones not taking care of our son’s nutritional needs to the fullest.  Sure we send the occasional soynut butter and jelly sandwich with fresh berries if we are in a morning time crunch, but we try to send him with our leftovers that we know he loves.

Some days Damian is more interested in his peer’s food than his own.  I think that is something all kids do.  I didn’t quite know how to respond when my husband and I were suggested that we send our son with similar, a.k.a. unhealthy, food.  Ummmmm….what?!  Excuse me but I do not want my son eating that filth everyday.  The more time went on since that day, the more I started to think about children’s nutrition needs.  Who was the genius that said all kids want to eat are hot dogs and fries?  Why do kid’s need a separate menu from adults?  In every restaurant the children’s menu has the same items: hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, etc.  Trust me my son will eat those if presented to him.  I’m not naive about that, and he has been exposed to them.  Sometimes it can’t be helped and I understand that.  He also loves eating salmon, chicken, fresh fruits, vegetables, and he will even eat my salad from time to time.  
I guess the point of this post was to partly vent and partly get my reader’s opinions on the topic.  I think I am going to post the foods, along with recipes of course, that my family eats.  I think it will help keep us on track, with our occasional cheats, and hopefully inspire you guys.

I am amazed at how many different people read my blog around the world.  Some in countries I forgot existed since doing Passport in elementary school.  Does anyone remember that?    Okay back on track….

This is what I packed my husband for work today.

  • Edamame (I prefer to cook and salt my own and didn’t realize this was pre-cooked and salted)
  • String Cheese
  • Nuts (Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews) with dried cranberries and cherries, and yogurt raisins
  • Peach
  • Quinoa with peas and chicken breast.  I usually pack cooked chicken, but I keep the canned chicken breast from Costco on hand for mornings like today.  
My son will eat everything in that pictures except for the almonds.  What I am trying to say is the only things children know about food and nutrition is what we expose them to.  Give your children a variety of foods to explore and decide what they like.  I think you will be surprised to learn what their taste buds can embrace.


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  • I absolutely agree with you. Most children only want to eat junk food, and to be honest most parents do not complain as it is sooo easy and quick to prepare some nuggets! But how can they grow up properly and healthily if they eat that food?! I believe that if you present children with healthy food at an early age they will get used to eating it and they will not complain about it!
    Martha x