My loves! I just returned from vacay and thought I would update you all on what has been going on.  


Yes, I just said The New York Times!  Pinch me, please!  I was interviewed about the latest beauty trend that I have been doing for years. You long time readers might be able to guess what it is.  My photoshoot was a couple days ago, and I will let you guys know when the article is published in the Style Section.  I didn’t wear any makeup (except for eyeliner and my lash extensions) and I so regret it!  I hope my pictures turn out okay because the situation under my eyes is not pretty.  Side note: I am so not used to applying eyeliner with extensions.  I’m praying it doesn’t look jacked up.  I need a lot more practice!

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Win A Trollbeads Bracelet For You and Your Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day! Today two lucky winners get a chance to win a Trollbeads bracelet for themselves and their mom.  Let me let you in on the world of Trollbeads if it’s new to you.

Trollbeads jewelry is made from 18-carat gold, sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques.

The gold and silver Trollbeads are modeled using the so called ‘cire perdu’ or ‘lost wax’ method. This 3,000 year old technique allows for fine details to be reproduced from wax to precious metals. Each glass bead is handmade from red-hot glass in the open flame and no two Trollbeads are ever completely alike.

Create your own unique jewelry by adding a lock and beads to a chain and decide which story you want to tell. You can also create a piece inspired by beauty, diversity, color, feeling or occasion.

What a perfect gift for your mommy!  No two Trollbeads are alike just like there is no mom like yours.  

Now enter to win for you and your mama! She deserves it!

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Revealing A Beauty Secret and My #BeautyStory

The thing I love about the world of beauty is that there is always something new to learn.  New tricks, products, and techniques are being developed all the time.  However, I have to say my all-time favorite beauty trick is one I have done for 15 years.  If you have been reading since this blog started, you might just know what it is.

I can feel 100% confident with zero face makeup on as long as I applied my mascara with a hot curler.  Yes, I said hot.  So how does one get a hot curler?  

how to curl the most stubborn lashes pictorial

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Netflix Picks

It’s that time to share my Netflix faves with you guys!  There is always something to watch!  I haven’t had as much  time as I would have liked to stream, but I always find some good shows!

By the way, who is so excited for Fuller House?  Count me in!


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10 Fab Mother’s Day Gifts That Give You Cash Back

Mother’s Day is in a few weeks, and it’s time to show the mother in your life that you appreciate her.  Mother’s Day is a very special day to me. I have never been able to call someone mommy, but my heart melts when I hear my coconuts call me mama and mommy.  Truly melts.  Moms are there to kiss boo boos, read stories, cheer from the stands, and teach you about life.  How do you begin to thank her?  Give her a sweet gift on Mother’s Day with a thoughtful card.  I know budgets can be tight and am so thankful to have found for all my shopping needs.  

You can easily find coupon codes and deals, on top of earning up to 30 percent cash back on my purchases from your favorite stores – including Nordstrom, Sephora, ASOS, Anthropologie, and more.  All you have to do is sign up at, purchase your items and earn cash back.  Once you earn $20, Shop At Home will send you a check in the mail.  Super easy!  That’s money that can be saved, spent on the kids, or maybe even date night (what’s that?).

I cut some of the guess-work out for you guys and picked my favorite Mother’s Day gifts that earn you cash back!


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