Green Goddess Makeup Tutorial


You guys!  I’m wearing something other than neutrals. I know it’s shocking right?  What’s really funny is I used to always wear colors, but I think I get in so much of a routine at times.  I teamed up with my beautiful girlfriend, Jasmine Maria, for a makeup collab.  We showing you two beautifully different looks with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette.  One of my biggest requests is more makeup tutorials – especially colors.  I hope you guys love this green goddess makeup tutorial!

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Instastory GRWM Tutorial

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Hi my loves!  I decided to do a little something different today.  I did a GRWM (get ready with me) mini tutorial on my Instagram stories.  I got a really great response so maybe I’ll start doing more.  Or finally get the guts to do a Facebook live tutorial.  

Today’s was a more neutral look, but next time I will be sure to play with all the fun red tones.  I promised during my Instastory that I would get all the product info up to you guys today so here it is!  Let me know if you like these kinds of posts.

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We’ve Been Let Go


My husband has been coaching football for 8 seasons and we have been lucky enough to not have been let go, aka fired, yet.  Let me start with clarifying that firings in football are very unlike any other profession.  When post people think of firing it’s because you did something wrong, illegal, or were just a horrible employee.  That’s not necessarily the case in coaching.  While those can apply at times, the biggest reasons are because of the coaching “carousel” or job changes.  When a new head coach takes over a program he generally wants his own people.  So that means most, if not all, of the previous staff is let go.  That’s what happened in our case.

So what does that mean for us?

Well, that means we say goodbye to the town we have called home for four years.  We have never looked at Davis as our “forever home.”  Truth be told nowhere will be that for us until retirement.  The job is nomadic by nature and that’s part of the thrill of it.  

There is a lot of changes happening all over the football coaching world from the NFL to college.  Right now, we’re just waiting to see where all the chips fall.  There’s a plan for us somewhere and my coach will get to impact and develop new players.  

As I’ve stated before, football is our livelihood.  It’s not just a sport to us.  Because of this I never like to hear a coach should get fired.  Coaching isn’t just a job.  We invest in the players and the program.  Even after we change schools, the relationships with the players don’t end.  My husband works insane hours and puts his heart and soul into his job and players.  Coaching is not a football season only job.  It’s year round.

We still don’t know where we will end up.  There is a ton of uncertainty right now.  However, it’s also an adventure.  I’m excited to see where our next adventure is and explore our new home.  I’m such a planner. I just want to research everywhere and everything.  School, restaurants, parks, places to live, grocery stores…basically everything. A new home means a new adventure.  I will be sure to let you guys know where we do end up, but for now we shall enjoy beautiful Davis, California as long as we can.

Thanks so much for reading.  It means so much to me and I hope you enjoy this journey with us.  I’ve been apprehensive about posting personal posts on the blog, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do.  

Love Always.

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