February Sponsor Spotlight + Giveaway

Well what are you waiting for?  Learn more about these lovely ladies, say “hello” to your new friends, and enter to WIN.

Krista – Crescendo
Blog // Twitter // Pinterest

My name is Krista and I blog at Crescendo! Crescendo is about growing stronger; personally, professionally, and emotionally.  I want to share my journey, thoughts and ideas with you along the way! Be sure to stop over and say HI! 
Kristin – W/ Milk & Sugar
Hi! I’m Kristin and I love to blog about everything from my cupcake obsession to my latest craft project with a little bit of my daily life thrown in. Speaking of my life, mine is spent in sunny San Diego with my sweet hubby and our adorable puppy. Life is an adventure, and I love it! 

Erin – The Casual Stay at Home
I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids under 2 after working in online marketing since college. Being a full time mom is a new and at the same time challenging experience. My blog reflects my balance between kids and life. i like to find balance between some “me time” aka beauty, health and fitness, etc and kids: product recs, what has helped me so far to manage 2. I’m learning as I go and hope you come along! 

Bri – Just Bri

Blog // Twitter // Instagram

Hi Glam Hungry Mom readers! I’m Bri (like the cheese) and I blog over at Just Bri. I was born and raised a Texan but now call Charlotte my home, and I love the Carolinas. My blog is all about life after college, from my crazy adventures in dating, to my fast pace life working in motorsports. I’m also a girly girl so you’ll find plenty of makeup and beauty posts as well!
Gayle – Grace for Gayle

Hey, y’all, I’m Gayle, and I write over at Grace for Gayle.  I live in Dallas with my two dogs and two cats.  I love peanut butter, animal memes, chips and salsa, scary movies, working out, borrowing people’s kids, and I have an unusually difficult time describing myself without just listing stuff (no autobiography for me, unless a 500-page list counts).  Andrea has awesome readers, so I hope y’all come visit me, too–I guarantee my blog content is more entertaining than this paragraph has been.  While you’re there, be sure to add yourself to my map, and sign up to receive some G-Mail!

Stephanie – The Anecdote of My Life
My blog is about a women who is trying to navigate through a BUSY life.  I am a full time student, full time employee, trying to start my own business, model, and I compete in health/fitness competitions.  My goal is to try to motivate and inspire those around me to want to be better and to push themselves to do the things they have always wanted to do!  My blog shares my life experiences as well as promotes health and fitness topics that can be useful to anyone! I also share “LoL Sundays” to try to make my followers smile or giggle.  I also share recipes, shopping tips, traveling tips, and so much more!
Shai – The Vagabond Studio
Shai Smith is a full-time student, peace advocate, mommy of two, and the blogger behind The Vagabond Studio — an eco-friendly lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring others to live a creative, peaceful, sustainable life. She spends her time upcycling new projects, studying philosophy and religion, and painting. Shai’s goal, and the goal of The Vagabond Studio, is simply to help make the world a happier place. 


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