Guest Post: Jessica Who?

I am super stoked to have Jessica from Jessica Who as my guest blogger today.  I’m sure I’m not really introducing her blog to you, because you probably already know how fab she is.  She is beautiful, witty, funny, and lives in Hawaii.  I hate her.  By hate I mean totally love and jealous.  I want to live in the sunshine. The hurricane and nor’easter ish is really cramping my style.  Next time I go to Hawaii (fingers crossed) I am seeing her face.  That’s enough chit chat from me.  I’ll let Jessica take over from here….
Aloha! I’m so excited that Andrea is letting me take over for a bit today. I’m a big fan of her blog and I know I have big shoes to fill!
So a little bit about me- I’m Jessica and I blog over at Jessica Who?
The title of my blog refers to the constant “Jessica who??” question that us Jessica’s get. (You can read more about that here.)
I currently live in Hawaii but I’m a born n’ raised (and very proud) Texan! I’m married to a really hot guy and we have the most adorable baby boy. His name is Duke. And I’m totally obsessed with him.
This is us:
But enough about me! Today I want to share one of my favorite things with you… wrap bracelets!
  1. Neon Coral Taylor Triple Wrap
  2. Tory Burch Logo Stud Bracelet
  3. Love Turquoise Suede Wrap Bracelet
  4. Michael Kors Leather Wrap Bracelet
  5. Snake Wrap Bracelet
  6. SusanB Leather Stud Wrap Bracelet
  7. Gorjana Two-Tone Leather Wrap Bracelet
  8. Alexandra Beth Two-Tone Leather Wrap Bracelet
I’m obsessed with wrap bracelets. (Find out why here.) I can never have enough of them! They’re especially great for me because I have what I like to call “infant wrists”. They are so ridiculously tiny which makes it hard to find any bracelets that fit and/or don’t look crazy on me.
I’ve been eyeing all of the above. Which one is your favorite? I have #2 in navy and it matches with pretty much anything. Love it!
Come by and visit sometime to see more of my favorites! 

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