Guest Post: Living Stress Free

Hello my lovely readers!  I have a treat for you guys today.  Meet Kimberly from Kimberly Erskine.  She is our lovely guest blogger for the day.  Kimberly is a beautiful young lady who knows a thing or two about multi-tasking and keeping calm in stressful situations.  Definitely two things I think we can all try to work on!  

Learning to let go and not stress is a talent that takes time and perfection. I’m a mile-a-minute kind of girl.  I took 18-credits in college like it was nothing while working more than 2 jobs at any given time. Was I stressed? At times, yes, but I most certainly savored it. I love being busy but I have a personality that works with that. Folks ask me all of the time how I manage life and not end up with my head in my hands.

My first go-to rule is: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you take a step back from the situation, and I mean really look at the whole picture, it’s easier to handle.  If you worry about every little problem in your life, it’s only going to stress you out more.  Don’t sweat it, instead become proactive.  Give or take, I bet 10% of the things you worry about are absolutely unnecessary in that moment.  If you cannot fix a problem right then and there, what can you actually do about it?  Can you make a few back-up plans?  Can you be proactive about one aspect of it?  Do that instead!  At 10 o’clock at night, is there really anything you can do?  No, people are not at their jobs to answer phones and I’m sure a few hard-working people are asleep prepping for the next day.  If you really can’t get your mind off of it, that is when you can create a more pro-active plan for the next day.  Write down useful numbers, questions that you would like to ask, and take the time to do some research.  I’m an online research junkie.  I love reading customer reviews on Amazon, yahoo answers, and finding forums on frequently asked questions.  Doing some research may help to calm you down or just help the situation in adding to your arsenal of information.  All of this was accomplished because someone took a deep breath and said, “I’m exaggerating this problem.” 

Breathe easy
Here are a few things that I do to make my life a wee bit simpler:
Phone applications

My iPhone is one piece of technology that still amazes me.  I feel like there is an app for just about anything you could wish for and this is something that can definitely be used to your advantage.  Two things already provided on iPhones include “notes” and “reminders.”  I use notes for basically everything in my life.  It’s a way to keep a running grocery/shopping list and helps out the household in the prevention of forgetting those little things you need around the house.  “Reminders” is also a great built-in application for providing a quick pop-up of things you need to get done.  What’s even better is that you can program it to go off right when you get home based on its location finder.  Talk about handy. After spending a copious amount of time on Pinterest, you may find yourself itching to work with canvases or paint swatches.  Hobby Lobby and Michael’s both have FREE apps for your phone.  What’s even better is that they offer coupons via phone that can be scanned at the register.  Last time I was in Michael’s, I received 40% off canvases thanks to that little tip.

Store reward cards

This is something that I have been using more often because I actually just noticed how awesome these are!  Have a favorite grocery store?  Check out their website and see what they offer in coupons.  Some grocery stores allow you to log into your online account and actually load up your rewards card with their online-exclusive coupons.  All you need to do is make sure they’re loaded onto the card as you check-out at the store.  This becomes a mega time-saver that prevents paper cuts!  I got a friendly reminder from PETCO that I had three coupons for my account.  Well guess who didn’t realize how the system worked? This lady and so I waltz up to the counter and say I’d like to use my three coupons.  The cashier was super friendly and explained that if I hadn’t printed them (durr Kim) then I could show her the e-mail and she could get the codes off of that.  Handy dandy iPhone makes its appearance and I saved $15 at PETCO.  Gosh, I love coupons.


This might be a no-brainer but there are so many ways to go about organizing your time and events, that I think it’s awesome!  I’m still a big fan of having my obnoxiously large paper planner with coordinating color pens but I have been dabbling with Google Calendar.  I really like having my appointments logged onto that for easy access.  Once again, let’s say my planner has gone missing in the abyss that is my tote bag, I mean house.  Well you can access your appointments through multiple locations thanks to Google Calendar.

Customer Reviews

Have you ever been super disappointed with a product and just mad that you spent the money on it?  It happened to me a lot with make-up.  Make-up isn’t cheap either, which is the real kicker.  How do you know if that $13 foundation is worth it and what’s even worse, designer foundation at $40.  A great helpful tip with make-up and beauty products is to check out YouTube.  There are so many make-up gurus on there that they can help you figure out your make-up sitch in under 10 minutes.  With a make-up haul (a video based on a shopping trip) or a product review, you can figure out what foundation, powder, blush, bronzer and brushes are best for your skin type.  If you’re curious about a new mascara line or what make-up brushes are the best bang for your buck- this seriously helps and saves you $$.  Plus if you’re unsure on how to put on eyeshadow or create a wing tip with eyeliner- YouTube has awesome tutorials. In general, I adore Amazon customer reviews and admittedly, I check the 1-star ratings first.  I’m not usually a cynic but 1-star reviews dive into the worst of the product right off the bat.  It tells you why you should or should not buy something and then you can compare it to the mediocre, 3-star reviews and then the stellar 5-stars.  I lurve Amazon and while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, I used it to buy bulk of things that he needed.  They have two awesome services that I used all of the time.  The first is Amazon Prime.  If you’re a student, there’s an offer of 50% off its original price and Amazon Prime gives you awesome prices with free, 2-day shipping.  The second are subscription services (Mom’s out there, it’s a sweet deal) that give you a few bucks off of the price and helps you re-stock.  I used subscription services to get instant coffee packets for Ry because he loves coffee as well as baby wipes because he deployments = few showers.  Amazon is great for figuring out what items have the best reviews and to help you find discounts.  In the past 24-hours, I’ve used it to find the best-selling dog shampoo, dog mouth wash, and a bestselling book.  This way I could comparison shop before figuring out if I wanted to make the trip to the store or buy it online.  Time and money savers! These are just some of my “don’t sweat the small stuff” tips to help make your life a little bit easier and to save your household from arguing.  The important thing about life is to actually live it and enjoy every aspect of it. 

You can find some more tips and read more of my antics at  Thank you so much to Andrea for featuring me on Glam Hungry Mom.


  • Ashlee Christopher

    She seems awesome I can for sure use some help with this too!! Thank you for the post!

  • Kimberly Erskine

    Thank you Andrea for this opportunity. It was awesome being a guest blogger and I can’t wait to feature Glam Hungry Mom on my blog. :)

  • Heather

    these are great tips! I can always use help in destressing!!