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Sitting for long periods of time can be uncomfortable for my ribcage, and as a result I haven’t been at my lovely computer lately.  My bad.  I mean look at this belly…can you blame me?!

I am at the point of being completely and utterly uncomfortable.  It’s crazy to think a week from now is when Damian was born.

I wonder when this baby will come?!  I’m thinking hoping between October 13-15 after a home game and not when my hubs is out of town. *fingers crossed*

Can you tell that football season runs our life?

Heck, even my nails show it!

Did I just say heck?

Luckily, I have an amazing group of football wives/families to help support each other.  Let’s face it – football season means we are all a little lonely.  It is a lifestyle most people don’t understand unless they live it.  I know I didn’t realize how time consuming and year round being a football coach was.  It’s a huge misconception that coaching only takes place during season.  If I got a dollar every time someone asked me “What does your husband do the other 7 months of the year?”, I would be rich.

Some people ask why I put up with the hours.  My response?  Because I will never love a job as much as my husband loves his.

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Life Lately

Life can be a little hectic and this past week has been one of those times.  Nothing bad, but I’ll fill you guys in soon.  🙂

This weekend, the hubs and I got a chance to take the coconut to the Disney store.  If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen my tweets about Damian’s obsession with Disney.  For the past three weeks he has been telling us we’re going to Disney on Sunday.  Always Sunday.  We decided the Disney Store is a lot closer than Florida or Cali and a lot cheaper too.  What does the little coconut say after we leave the store?  “Are we going to Disney World now?”  Kids these days! You can’t fool them because they’re too smart.  Oy!

How fresh does he look in his Buzz hoodie?  We also got him…

..some Buzz Lightyear jammies and Woody.  Let’s just say he hasn’t taken those jams off in two days.  I tried to take it off to wash, but that didn’t work.  I’ve only been able to get him to change his underwear.  I need to get tricky fast!

Afterwords, we did what any sane human being would do: we went to The Cheesecake Factory.

I always carry my SweetLeaf SteviaClear in my purse to sweeten my beverages on the go.  The hubs ordered a bomb BBQ Chicken Salad and didn’t even eat the onion rings.  Who does that?  If you’re gonna eat a calorie loaded salad you might as well go for it.

The coconut got mac and cheese and I ordered the lunch salad and pizza.  It just sounded so good!

After that we decided to try Pinkberry for dessert.  We’ve never been to a froyo place before except for TGIF in the 90s.  Shocking, I know.

I ordered the salted caramel froyo with strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries..yum!

The coconut didn’t eat all of his mac and cheese so he had some for dinner.  In the middle of dinner he gets up and says to my Hubs:

“I best go potty.  Don’t eat my mac and cheese.  Don’t. Do. It.”

Ha!  So the coconut ends up not finishing it anyway and throws it in the trash.  What does my husband do?!

He eats it out of the trash!  His defense?  It was still in the box.  Bahahaha!  He’s going to kill me for blogging this.

Total side note from the weekend: I saw something that kind of bothered me.  There was this one kid in Target who was throwing a fit, which all kids will do, but he was throwing his shoes and CLAWING his Grandma and Mother’s face.  I’m talking digging in his nails and going to town.  Let’s hope he and Damian don’t cross paths in the future.  I don’t want to fight a 5 year old.  Kidding.  Kind of.

What was your weekend like?  Did you spend some quality time with your loved ones?

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  • I’m obsessed with pinkberry and could eat it everyday. Good think there isn’t one closer!! That is too cute about Disney. Too bad you couldn’t trick him!!

  • my son has the buzz pj’s and loves them too!

  • That food looks great, I wish we had the Cheesecake Factory here! I agree with you on the salad & pizza, best choice ever! I love that you carry that sweetener with you! I detest wasting calories on pop/juice so at home, I sweeten everything with sweetener- it tastes the same for goodness sake!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  • Aww coconut is too adorable!! Hey I’m with your hubby on the thrown out mac and cheese…mostly because I m slightly obsessed with mac and cheese LOL.
    Salted caramel froyo…mmm I woulda topped mine off with more caramel 🙂 It looks so tasty!

  • I have never been to the Cheescake Factory but really want to go, mostly because “Penny works at the Cheescake Factory” Lol. I know it’s silly but I love that show. That is so funny about your hubby eating the mac and cheese out of the trash. I need to carry one of those sweeteners in my bag. Good idea. 🙂

  • Marky has that same buzz sweatshirt, love it! Too stinking cute!

  • I am shocked that this was your first time to a froyo place!! That salted caramel yogurt sounds delish =)

    We had a busy weekend- it was our church’s grand opening so we had our hands full with set up and volunteering. Busy busy busy but so much fun!

  • Yum! That food looks so good. I’ve never been to Cheesecake Factory but I heard it’s delicious! I love that you showed your hubby eating out of the trash, I feel like lots of people do that but no one has the balls to admit it! And how adorable is your son! So cute!

  • hey there, im linking up for the first time on the follow friend Friday link- I stumbled across it and have been seeing all kinds of mew blogs! thanks for hosting, im newly following and loving your blog.
    my week-end was crazy and i’m not even talking about how I felt like a taxi cab mama alllll week-end long.

  • Hahaha! Your little guy is a riot. Also, that totally sounds like something my husband would do. Im pretty sure is mission statement is to never waste food.

  • Cracking up over hubby eating the mac and cheese…you really can’t let that stuff go to waste, I can kind of understand! You know my thoughts on Disney, you just say the word when your ready and we are so meeting up! I would LOVE to crash your family vacation! Haha!!! XO