September Foodie Pen Pal

I’ve been seeing so many great foodie pen pal posts in the past I obviously had to join in the fun.  This is my first foodie pen pal swap ever.  I was sent a fun package from the lovely Susanna, who resides in Tennessee.

Here’s what I got:

  • Pumpkin drop cookie mix – obviously this grabbed my attention!  I’m a pumpkin-aholic, duh!  
  • Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack – I’ve never had whisky.  Every time I muster up the courage to try it I chicken out.  I promise I will give it a try!  Jack is made in Tennessee, which makes it the perfect local item.  
  • Organic Gummy Bears – perfect to keep in my bag in case of the munchies
  • Coconut Bar – another perfect purse bar.  The only ingredients are coconut and rice syrup.  So excited to try!
  • Moose Munch – I mean seriously… can you go wrong with it?  De-freakin-lish
  • Dried Apples and Strawberries – this healthy snack is right up my alley.  Love them!
  • Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter – One of my favorites.  Truth be told I’ve never had Nutella because I’m afraid I’ll like it.  I know how bad it is for you so I avoid it out.  The packet of Justin’s is delicious on apples.
  • I also got fun little pomegranate and ginger candies. 
Thank you so much Susanna!  I’m definitely doing Foodie Pen Pals next month.  Are you?
If you’re interested click the Foodie Pen Pal badge below!

The Lean Green Bean

On a totally unrelated note, did anyone watch Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and 666 Park Avenue?  Sunday nights are amazeballs!


  • Ashlee Christopher

    This is so much fun looks like great stuff! Good thing you don’t live too close to me girl I would be over tonight makin you drank that up! Never had whiskey?? What?? I could make you some whiskey drinks you would love and that is a promise!

  • drinkcitra

    What a fun penpal experience! Food!! <3

  • Susanna Rudd

    I am so glad you loved the box!! Some of the items were new for me, too :) The justin’s and coconut bar are my favorites. Oh and I got a great box, already signed up for this month!

    • Susanna

      And please post about your whiskey experience! lol. It’s good, you could try adding a bit at a time to coke or sprite until you find what you like :D

  • Kristin Alana

    so fun! I’m gonna have to join! Just found your blog and am your newest follower.

  • Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog

    Did you just LOVE that Justin’s almond butter?? That chocolate one is my FAVORITE! My son’s in love with it too!