Weekend Catch Up

I discovered the most glorious thing – my coconut loves giving massages.  Why am I just learning this?!  Let’s just say mama asked for a foot massage and the little one happily obliged.  How long do you think I can go before he gets wise?

Has anyone else played this timesuck of a game?  I seriously can’t stop hitting the Temple Run 2 icon on my phone.  It’s so addicting, and I love that I am 5 times better at a game than my hubs.

Speaking of hubs, we went to Valentine’s Day dinner alone!  This is the SECOND date we have gone on in two years.  It’s also the second in the past two months so what does that tell you?  We never had time when I was working because we never had days off together.  I’m loving this new found thing called dates.  Mommy and daddy can cuddle, kiss, and be all romantic.  I love my son, but sometimes mama and daddy need mama and daddy time.

Want to know something sick?  I wasn’t even full after eating all that sushi with my hubs.  It was so freaking good.  If you are ever near Mansfield, MA I highly suggest going to Kyoto.  It’s the best sushi in the area.

My son wanted to make me breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Oh and a picnic.  He’s such a little Bobby Flay or Michael Symon.  He “cooks” in his kitchen every single day.  I only hope his love for food grows as he does.  I think he got it from his mama 🙂

Have you moms discovered the mess-free color wonder paints?  They are amazing. He can paint in the living room without staining anything!  He also has an art easel, but mama wanted to watch The Chew and the easel is in another room.

We didn’t really go anywhere this weekend, unless you count Target, but we still managed to have fun. What did you guys do this weekend?  Who watch Once Upon A Time and Revenge?!  Mind. Blown.

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  • Your son is so cute. That is too funny about the foot massage!

  • My daughter loves sushi just like us and I’m so glad! Se asked for sushi for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday!

    I’ll have to check out those paints. Lola loves that kind of stuff. But you know what the secret is to thirty minutes of quiet, concentrated fun? Play dough. That’s the flavor of the week here.

    Have a good week!


  • Loving that son!! He is so freaking cute!!!! The food looks good to..wish I could try it ..but alas I am allergic!

  • Yay for sushi! My husband kids and I would eat it so much living in Hawaii. Still now in England my youngest still asks for it.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  • He is too cute! Hopefully he decides to be a masseuse when he grows up and will want to practice on you! 🙂

  • I am certainly addicted to temple run also!!! It’s ridiculous!

  • How cute that he loves to give massages! And convenient 🙂

  • Your son is precious! Our five year old will hardly go to sleep without a back rub. I’m addicted to Temple Run 2! I’m definitely not as good as you though! My husband is the champ at that game.

  • Please tell me more about these mess free paints, I need them, what are they called?. And congrats on two date nights as of lately. I know how it is…we have no family to baby sit so we have only had a few ourselves. Love his kitchen too!

    xx Kelly

  • Your son is adorable. I took a little trip to Target with my little one. We always have a great time and find many treasures. If people ask what I’m doing, I’m usually at Target. I literally go there for fun. lol. Date nights are super important. My husband and I try to set one day aside each week to go on a date. I want him to continue to feel like the most important person in my life. : )

    Vonae Deyshawn

  • I’m a sushi addict. Making my mouth water!

  • Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Suuusshhiiiii ; ) Love! I haven’t had it in so long! We DO NOT have enough date nights. We are moving closer to family just to try to change that! ; )haha

    OMG I see you in less than a week! Where has the time gone??!